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Moving home with a new baby!

Moving home and having a child are both widely recognised as two of life’s most daunting experiences; but throw them both together and you could potentially have a whole new set of logistical issues to deal with. It is important to make the whole moving home experience with a baby a positive one; if you feel stressed then the child, albeit small and new to the world, will pick up on your mood and start to react negatively. Here’s some top tips and baby essentials for parents in a similar position: • Find out about local mother and baby groups or 1 ‘o’ clock clubs in the area you’re moving to so you can get to know other mums and babies. This will help you settle into what is probably fe

Six Successful Ways to Reduce Stress When Moving

Moving home can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life, if you let it be. It may feel as though everything is happening all at once and before you know it, everything has changed and sometimes it can just be a little bit too much. Here are six proven ways to ensure that moving home doesn’t cause you excess anxiety and lets you have a calm and enjoyable experience and a fresh start in your new abode. Keep it or Chuck it When packing up all your belongings, you’ll undoubtedly notice that you’ve held onto a load of rubbish that you’ve accumulated over the years. These ersatz antiques are not likely to be worth anything and are simply taking up room in your home. Instead of p

Storage Do I Need It ?

Moving house involves a lot of different people working together, particularly if you're in the middle of a chain. Unless things work out perfectly in your favour, you may end up selling your house before your new house is ready for you to move into! Alternatively you may be downsizing but find you don't have time to sort through all your possessions before the completion date. This is where storage comes in and becomes amazingly useful. Storage allows you to rent a unit and store your possessions in a secure environment for days, months or even years. In the past homeowners had to rely on removals companies and large storage firms which could be expensive, but storage allows them to take

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