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What Time Of Year Is Best To Move

The Changing Seasons

If you are considering selling your home and moving to a new property, you will need to plan a schedule for your move. However, the timing of many aspects of this is often dictated by estate agents or solicitors. The person buying your property and the person whose house you have bought will also influence the schedule. If you are in the fortunate situation of being able to choose when you move, you might want to consider the pros and cons of moving at different times of the year, as well as considering various elements of your personal situation.

Buyers with children

If your move also involves your children moving school, it is often better for them to make a fresh start at the beginning of a new school term. With this in mind, moving at the beginning of the summer holidays is a good idea as it gives them time to settle into their new home and area without having to face the daunting situation of starting a new school too. On the other hand, some parents find moving in the school holidays stressful as the children get under their feet so this really is a matter of personal preference.

Lowest removal costs

If you are trying to keep the cost of the move to a minimum, then you might wish to make a saving in the area of removal and storage. Weekends often have higher rates, so if you can move on a weekday you are likely to save money. Also, you might get lower removal quotes by avoiding peak times. You are most likely to get cheap removals at the end of spring or just after the summer holidays.

Spring and autumn

Spring and autumn are probably two of the better times of the year to move. This is because there is less likelihood of experiencing any extremes of weather that can affect your move. There are also fewer public holidays or celebrations to plan your move around at this time of the year.


One of the problems with moving house in the summer is that the hot weather conditions can make the whole removal process hard work. School holidays can also put people off choosing this time of year as removal prices are often higher and finding childcare for your children to keep them out of your way during the move is a problem for some families. Another potential problem may be getting time off work for the move. Other people in your workplace may have booked time off for their holidays in advance so your leave may not be granted.


Winter poses two main problems for people moving house. The first of these is Christmas. Over the festive period, most people are very busy. They have Christmas shopping to do, nativities and office parties to attend, the house to decorate, presents to wrap and many other general preparations to make. This alone can make winter an off-putting time of year to move house. The second reason is that there are often extremes of weather during this season. Icy floors can lead to breakages during the removal and heavy rain or winds can also lead to your items getting damaged.

Overall, spring and autumn are the best times of the year to move house. By choosing these seasons, you can keep your costs low and avoid problems such as extreme weather, school holidays and major celebrations.

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