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Storage Do I Need It ?

Moving house involves a lot of different people working together, particularly if you're in the middle of a chain. Unless things work out perfectly in your favour, you may end up selling your house before your new house is ready for you to move into! Alternatively you may be downsizing but find you don't have time to sort through all your possessions before the completion date. This is where storage comes in and becomes amazingly useful. Storage allows you to rent a unit and store your possessions in a secure environment for days, months or even years. In the past homeowners had to rely on removals companies and large storage firms which could be expensive, but storage allows them to take control of their belongings. Self-storage units offer a number of advantages:  You can easily replace, add to, remove and access your possessions at all times with no costs.  You transport your belongings to and from the unit ensuring you are in full control at all times.  You control your unit and can rest assured your items will not be moved by anyone.  Agreements can be terminated at short notice. You may be asked to pay a deposit, but you'll generally be refunded for unused time if the contract is terminated early.  Safety is second-to-none at reputable companies, and includes CCTV, guards and alarm systems. If you decide that self-storage is the most appropriate solution for your needs, here are some tips for getting the most out of your unit:  Check the facility's climate control is adequate for your needs.  Ensure pest control isn't going to be a problem - your facility should be able to tell you what measures they take.  If you need to store a significant amount (such as when waiting for a new house to be built) you should check that the facility has enough space for a removals vehicle to unload its contents.  Box as much as you can - units may remain untouched for months and items that are not boxed will quickly become dirty and dusty.  Make sure all boxes are labelled otherwise you may find it difficult to ensure everything is still there when it comes to unloading your unit.  Keep a list of what's been put into your unit and where it is in the unit.  Don't use sealed plastic bags for your belongings - humidity in the units can cause mildew to form. Here's another tip: If you're getting a moving quote, ask your removals company if they offer self-storage. Many have agreements with local companies to provide discounted rates.

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