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Moving Home Money Saving Tips

Moving Home Money Saving Tips

Moving house is expensive. The cost can be over £10,000 depending on the price of your new home, the distance you’re moving, and estate agent fees. This price will include things that you can’t control but there are some ways that you can save money when moving house.

1. Negotiate - when selling your house, have a go at negotiating estate agents fees. Most charge 3% which can be costly, but you may be able to reduce this to 1%. Remember, there’s always another estate agent just around the corner, so don’t be shy. This works better with small companies or independent estate agents. National companies will often have rigid policies about their fees.

2. Declutter - ahead of the move, take some time to declutter. This is especially important if you’re downsizing. Getting rid of the things you no longer need or want will mean there is less to pack, which should save you time and money on removal companies. Some items can be given to charity or to friends and relatives. Others can be sold at car boot sales or through online websites such as Ebay, Preloved, Trade It or Gumtree.

3. Move on a weekday - when choosing a moving date, bear in mind that weekends and bank holidays can be more expensive to hire removal companies and that the roads will be busier. Try and stick to weekdays if possible.

4. Get quotes - don’t agree to the first removal company quote you receive. Get a number of quotes.

5. Check the insurance - check the removal company’s insurance covers your possessions during the entire removal process. If the removal company’s insurance only covers your goods when in transit, it can be a good idea to check if your home insurance covers your move at your current and new homes.

6. Cheap packing boxes - gone are the days when supermarkets would leave handy boxes lying around for customers to take. Removal company packing boxes can be expensive. Second hand packing boxes can be bought from online retailers. Although bear in mind that removal company boxes may be of a higher quality and you can pass them on to a friend or relative when you’re finished with them.

7. Pack yourself (not literally!) - if you feel confident about packing your own possessions, this can lower the removal company quote. You can also ask friends and family to help you to save time as well as money.

8. Change address details online - make sure all of the right people know your new address, including your bank and utility companies, to avoid old bills popping up months or years later. 0845 numbers are expensive but most companies will let you change address details online. You can do this before you move, by using a friend or relative’s internet access, or using a free wifi spot or the 3G on your smartphone.

9. New furniture - if you’re in need of new furniture, or this is your first home, friends and relatives may be able to offer pieces second hand. Or, you can be a part of the latest fashion and upcycle. Find pieces of furniture cheap in charity shops, car boot sales or online and do the pieces up to match your new décor. If you do buy new furniture, consider buying flat pack to make moving easier, or when ordering, book delivery for your new home after your move in date.

Find the deals - moving is an excellent opportunity to shop around for better utility deals. New customers often get better deals than existing customers, so it may be time to move to a new company.

Moving to a new home can be an exciting time and it needn’t blow all of your savings. With a little time and forethought, your costs can be reduced.

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