Estimate the size of your move and start getting packing materials in preparation.

Take a tour around the contents of your home and sort out things you no longer want into 3 separate piles:

• Things to be thrown away
• Things to be given to charity
• Things to be sold

Arrange to transfer school records where appropriate.

Start packing infrequently used items.

Arrange connection of utilities to your new home (gas, power, phone etc).

Start running down the contents in your freezer.

Remember to inform…

Bank: including credit cards and store cards.

Car registration: Write to the Driver Vehicle Licensing Centre (DVLA Swansea SA99 1BN) giving details of your car and registration. Visit the DVLA website for more information.

Council tax: remember to inform the council for both your old and new property.

Insurance: House contents, car and your insurance. Give at least seven days notice or you may not be insured.

Mail: Arrange for mail to be forwarded. There is a sliding scale of charges according to how long you wish it to continue – but one fee covers everyone in your family – if the surname is the same. Visit the Royal Mail website for more information.

Mail order: Any company you use.

Dentist, doctor: De-register and re-register with new practices.

Electricity, gas and water: At least three days in advance and ask for a reading on the day. Don’t forget to sign on with the company for your new home. The service may be disconnected if nobody has signed on as a new user.

Hospital or clinic: If receiving treatment.

Income tax: The address is on your tax forms.

Pensions: Company pension – inform the pension office. State pension – ask at the Post Office.

Schools: As soon as possible.

Standing orders: Tell any companies you pay by direct debit/standing order.

Telephone: Give a weeks notice to each end and arrange for the bills to change names on the correct day and for your new phone to be connected.

Television licence: visit the Television Licensing website for more information.

Moving companies cannot move aerosols or other hazardous goods. (Try to use up these products and not replace them before the move).

Sort out travel arrangements for your family if necessary.

Return borrowed items from friends and retrieve items you may have lent out.

Return library books and rented movies etc.

Cut the lawn really short so you don’t have to do it again before you move.

Notify providers of any rented equipment that you intend to move.

Give your mobile phone number to the moving company and anybody else that may need to contact you regarding your move.

Keep packing!

Drain water from hoses

Drain petrol from lawn mowers etc

Start packing up the linen cupboard, Tupperware cupboard etc

Take a backup of everything on your PC - just in case!

Make a map and write directions to your new home. (Make several copies and give them to the moving company, your helpers etc)

Sort out medications and throw out any expired prescriptions etc

Gather games, snacks, medicines etc that you might need for your car journey

Arrange to have enough cash to pay driver, buy takeaways etc on the day

Try to use up as much of your perishable food items as possible so you don’t have to move them

Gather together all of your important personal paperwork and pack it for moving in your own car

Begin the bulk of the packing - remember - one room at a time

Clean each room as you finish packing

Confirm your booking with the removal company

Find someone to baby sit younger children for you on moving day

Clean out the fridge and the freezer

Gather together your “On the Day” kit

Clean your house appoint one of the helpers to be in charge of the move at the old house whilst you are in charge at the new house

Check that all your boxes are labelled with their destination in new home

Make sure all fragile items are well wrapped and marked with Fragile stickers

Take a final reading for gas, water, electricity and write it down

Take a move in reading at the new house for gas, water, electricity

Try and get to the new house before the moving truck so you can supervise the unloading

Take your pets to the new property last!

Hand over the keys for your old home to new owner or estate agent

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