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Things To Consider When Obtaining A Removal Quotation

Thing To Consider Before A Removal

For most people moving is an infrequent occurrence so arranging a removal is not something done regularly. It is sensible to compare a number of removals firms to see how they match-up on price and type service they offer.

You do have to bear in mind, however, the initial quote is usually for a basic move and based purely on the information you have submitted either through an online enquiry or over the phone. We always advise people that these initial quotes are not binding and should be used only as an indicative figure.

It’s also advisable to get the removals firm to come to your property to carry out a survey. In some cases for a very small move or single items this may not be necessary but for most moves a survey is required to get a final and accurate quote.

The survey is essential because there are a number of factors that will affect the cost of the move: · The volume of items:

This is key to how much your move will cost you – the more you have the more it will cost. Where people can run into difficulties is in under estimating how much stuff they have. It’s easy to forget items when calculating the volume, for example a load of boxes you forgot were in the basement. The Removal firms will work out the volume in cubic feet to ascertain the size of vehicle they will need and they will thoroughly inspect all items and check the whole property and garden so no items are missed and they get an accurate figure for the quote.

Packing or not:

Initial quotes usually do not include a packing service. It’s advisable to get the removals firm to pack for you as they are skilled at getting everything into as little a space as possible, and in a way that your items are safe and secure for transit. Just be aware this is additional service in most cases.

·Difficult access:

It’s very important to outline to the removals company whether or not there is easy access to the property. If there is difficult access it could mean the quote will be higher due to the increased time required to do the job, man power required, or even the use of specialised equipment that the removals company may need to hire from a third party. · Parking / congestion zones:

If you live in a major city then there may be issues with parking or a requirement for vehicles to pay a congestion charge or road toll. This will need to be communicated to the removals firm as these additional expenses need to be added on.


If the new place you’re moving too is not ready then storage of your goods is required. Most removals companies have their own storage, or can arrange it for you. Remember not only do you need to factor in the storage costs but you need to be fully aware of the transit cost from your old property to the storage facility and then onto the new property.

We all try and get the most for our money but it’s important to be upfront and honest with the removals firm about all aspects of the move to avoid difficulties further on down the line. In many cases by paying a bit more at the start of the process you may be saving money in the long run. By hiring well established and experienced removals people you can reduce the time it takes and the space your items take up. Initially they may not have been the cheapest but in the long run they could save you time and money, and of course make for an easier moving experience.

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