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Preparing for Baby: Child Proofing Your Home

When you bought your dream home did you think about the future and how your needs would change? Perhaps plans changed? Well, if you now have a child on the way it may be time to start thinking about childproofing your home.

According to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign 4.5million children are injured around the home. And although safe proofing is not an adequate replacement for adult supervision and care, kitting your house out with the latest childproofing gear won’t hurt. Here’s how you can baby proof your home:


o Place all toiletries in cupboards or on high shelves out of children’s reach, especially any razors. o Consider fitting toilet seat lid locks so no one little can get their hands into the bowl’s water. o Keep medication in childproof bottles locked away in cupboards. o Place non-slip mats in and outside the bath.


o Install gates at the top and bottom of stairs. o Never leave anything on the stairs as these can be tripping hazards.

Windows and Doors

o Install window guards and make sure windows cannot open more than a few inches. o If you have blinds tie up the cords. o Fit any sliding doors or French windows with safety glass to avoid accidents if a child bumps into them. o Fit door stops to ensure no fingers get jammed.

Electricity, Heater and More

o Place safety plugs in any unused power points. o When not in use wrap up wires and place them away in a safe location to avoid teething toddlers chewing on them. o A hearth cover is always a good idea for fireplaces, and if you have radiators that get particularly hot you may like to fit some radiator covers. o Keep lighters and matches safely away from children.

Furnishing and Accessories

o Fasten any tall bookcases or other furniture to the wall so they can’t be pulled down. o Any light or unstable furniture should be moved away from children as it may fall and hurt them. o Keep all drawers and cupboards closed with safety locks so your child can’t open and climb into them. o Place childproof lids on rubbish bins. o Avoid tablecloths as these can easily be pulled and damage the items on top. o Place corner guards on any sharp corners of furniture.


o Turn pots and pans towards the back of the hob so the handles cannot be grabbed easily. o Use your hob’s back burners only where possible. o Place your baby in a highchair or cordoned off play area when you are cooking. o Never leave a child unattended when using any form of appliance. o Make sure you do not use hair straighteners, curlers or hairdryers in front of your child and leave them in a high position out of the reach of children to cool.

Is your home simply not suitable for children? Then you may like to consider moving before your child arrives. You know where we are if you need removal costs quotes!

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