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5 Top Selling Tactics to Transform Your Home

Clutter Free But Lived In

Selling your home may not be as simple as it seems. Some houses just don’t want to sell, but why is this? There are plenty of TV shows covering the subject, such as Sarah Beeny: Selling Houses and Phil Spencer: Secret Agent, but if you don’t have the time to trawl through a series, take a look at our top 5 tips to transform your home for sale.

Clutter Free But Lived In: Clutter Free But Lived In

When you are looking to sell your home you want to show it off to its best ability, and lots of clutter can act as a distraction. Buyers need to be able to see the space and shape of the room, but cumbersome furniture and too much bric-a-brac can conceal this from view. Before you put your house on the market and those all-important photos are taken to go in the estate agent’s window, have a good sort out. If you’re not taking it with you or haven’t used it for years throw it out. You don’t need it. If you don’t have time for this you could always cheat and hide things away in cupboards or hire a storage locker. However you don’t want to go too far! A mantelpiece with no ornaments and walls with no photos can seem bare and will make a home feel unlived in. A healthy balance is essential.

Neutral Colours But Not Bland: Neutral Colours But Not Bland

It’s a worst nightmare for many home buyers to walk into a property with garish colours and multiple layers of wallpaper. Although it is superficial, the amount of work can be off-putting. Instead, present your home with neutral shades, with small pops of colour here and there, such as a feature wall or coloured furniture. This blend will make your home feel light, airy and appealing whilst injecting some personality into the property, without coming across too clinical.

Feel Cared For:

Gardens, dining rooms and spare rooms are often the most neglected part of the home, mostly because they are spaces we use the least; thanks to the British weather and the revolution of the dinner tray! That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be cared for though. You may not use a space but it is important to show how it can be used. So add a table to the dining room, place a bed and a wardrobe in the spare room and decorate the garden with a few pots and a bench.

Freshen Up:

What is your favourite smell? Well, whatever it is we bet it’s not wet dog or toilet! Before a viewing make sure to clean your home thoroughly so it is looking, and smelling, its best. To make it seem even more inviting place vases of fresh flowers on windowsills or coffee tables, and turn on a fragrance plug in. However freshening up doesn't just refer to the smell. If you have scuffed doorways or have you child's artwork plastered across the walls, get out a paint brush and touch up. A few noticeable negatives can make a home look scruffy and uncared for, making buyers wonder what else lurks beneath the surface.

Curb Appeal:

Last but not least is curb appeal. This one is simple. No one is going to want to even look around your home if it looks horrible from the outside. There is the age old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but sadly this happens more and more with homes. So make your house look like a home by giving any woodwork a varnish, cut the grass and throw away those dead plants in the hanging baskets. Put your best foot forward and you’re sure to get passing interest too.

Hopefully with these 5 tips your home will sell in no time at all – and make sure to remember the company that made it all possible when it comes to furniture removal or removal quotes.

Neautral Colours But Not Bland

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