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Making An Offer On A House

Get in contact with the seller’s estate agent when you are ready to make an offer on a property. All estate agents are required to pass on offers to the seller by law, no matter how ridiculous the offer might be. Deciding on the amount you wish to spend on a house depends largely on a number of factors, including: · The local property market · Interest in the property · Offers already received · Time spent on the market, and; · Your own financial situation Whether you put in a high offer and risk wasting money, or offer a low price and potentially lose out on your dream home will be based on your own tactics. There are things you can do to give you the upper hand first, before even makin

So you finally moved into your dream home, unpacked and settled in.

Then the noise begins. Unless you live in a relatively isolated area in the countryside, neighbours are a common presence in most people’s lives. While some neighbours can be fantastic and even become lifelong friends, others are not so great. Noisy neighbours can be a huge nuisance and really impact your quality of life – a lack of sleep because of excessive noise can leave you stressed and exhausted, affecting other areas of your life. It can get to the point where you don’t even want to live in your dream home anymore, which isn’t fair. So, if you’re dealing with noisy neighbours, we have the guide to help you approach them and, if the problem persists, give you advice on the next steps y

9 Reasons Why People Move

The great human endeavour is defined by our ability to move. Whether it was our prehistoric ancestors who moved across the bearing straight, or the Smith family who just moved in down the block, Human locomotion is one of our defining traits. We have industries built around moving, we have anxieties about moving, we even have compulsive movers. No matter the type of move a human may make, the enduring question is why? With reasons both historical and practical, here are a few reasons why human beings move. Get Into the History of Moving Long before the homes of our modern world, humans were largely nomadic. Our ancestors would wander from place to place in search of food and shelter. In orde

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