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Property Showdown: Garden, Driveway or Location?

Dream Home Dilemma

Dream Home Dilemma

Think about your dream property – we bet it has plenty of rooms, a large garden (maybe even a pool), ample parking and storage space galore. Then think about your budget.

The likelihood is that you are going to have to compromise somewhere in order to find a property that not only works well for you, but you can afford too. But what are you prepared to give up? The large garden, the off-road parking, or maybe you need to start thinking about buying in a more affordable area? Let us help you to make that decision.

There's no Such Thing as Perfect:

Did your mum used to tell you that “no one is perfect” when you were little? We bet she did. Well, the same goes for houses. It is very unlikely that you will find the ideal home for your budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make that 8 out of 10 home work for you.

Compromise - Garden Size:

According to a study from Move With Us, garden size is the first thing perspective buyers compromise on when looking for a home. 40% of the estate agents surveyed said that the garden was the first thing to go. Although large and spacious outside space may sound like a dream, especially if you have kids, do you really need it? Thanks to the great British weather we spend very little of the year in our gardens, so outside space is used less if you live near a park or other open spaces. As long as there is space to have a BBQ and to dry washing most people are happy with a smaller garden. This is a manageable compromise, which in fact may work out for the best – no one likes mowing the lawn anyway!

Compromise - Off-Road Parking:

A driveway or garage is high on the priority list for many people, and some may not even view a house if it doesn’t have these features in the property details. But what many people don’t think about is creating this space. Does an otherwise perfect home have a large garden or outbuildings? Then you can cut into the garden and install a small brick or tarmac driveway. And outbuildings are perfect for converting into garage space. You simply have to widen the doorway.

No Compromise - Location:

You may be willing to give up your hopes of a veggie patch, and factor in the cost of building your own driveway, but would you compromise on location? A recent study has found that very few people would. In the study of 45,000 people from across the UK only 1 in 10 said they would compromise on their desired area in order to afford a better home. Although first-time buyers were most flexible, even 85% of these said they wouldn’t widen their search. The majority would simply wait and hope a property comes on the market, rather than look elsewhere. In fact, 58% of those questioned said they are waiting or actively searching for a home in an ‘ideal’ location.

Other Compromises:

• You may not want to compromise on area, but if you are willing to live by a busy road you may be able to find a more affordable home. • Although many people prefer an upstairs bathroom and a downstairs cloakroom, would you compromise on a home without one of these? • If you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, opt for a home that isn’t in live able condition. Not only will this cost less to purchase, but you will be able to decorate throughout as exactly how you’d like.

Once you’ve learnt the art of compromise and found that nearly-perfect home check out our website We’ll help you move to the property of your dreams.

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