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Top 10 Moving House Tips

10 Must Have House Moving Tips

Moving house can be a daunting experience - there is a lot to think about and arrange. Being a well established removal company we have plenty of experience and moving advice, so we have put together these Top 10 Tips for Moving House.

1. Ask for a free home survey.

A reputable removals company will be happy to come and visit you at your home to discuss your move face-to-face, itemise your furniture so they can provide an accurate quotation and also check out any issues such as difficult access or awkward items that may need specialist equipment. The survey and quote should both be free of charge.

2. Book your removals company as early as possible.

Good removals companies get booked up fast – especially in the popular Summer months! There is no harm in booking a provisional move date and getting a survey at the early stages of your move. You will them be in position to re-arrange your date if any problems arise instead of finding that the removal company you want has no availability. You should aim to book your removals company at least 4 weeks before the date you aim to move on.

3. Choose a Tuesday or Wednesday to move on.

These are the least popular days to move during the week and quite often have greater availability at a better price!

4. Communication is key!

Talk to your estate agent, solicitor and removals company at all stages of your house move so that everyone is informed of what stage the move is at and any issues can be resolved more quickly. Even on the actual move day, a good removal company will call you to check that the team have arrived on time and that there are no problems.

5. Prepare your kids for moving.

Moving house can be difficult for children, especially if they are moving to a new area and have a new school to contend with. It can also be very exciting! Prepare them for the move by going for a day out in the new area prior to the move. If you can, arrange a play date with old friends to visit once you have moved in. You can excite teenagers and get them to feel involved by letting them plan their “new room”. Whilst younger children will feel at home more quickly if their favourite toys are put in their new room to make it more homely.

6. Get the removals company to pack for you.

It's after all what they are trained to do! But it will also speed things up, as a specialist team of packers are extremely efficient. They can wrap and pack all of your items, or just the more fragile pieces that you own, and ensure that they are safe for transit. They should even be able to unpack for you at your new home!

7. Keep pets safe.

It is important to keep pets safe and secure on moving day, as the activities might worry them. Keep them in a quiet room and, if possible, put your cat in a pet carrier cage so it cannot run off. On arrival to your new home take the time to introduce you pets slowly to their new environment. Cats will be happy to make one room their own, before exploring the rest of the house and then let them out after a few days once they are feeling more confident. Dogs tend to be happier with a change of surroundings, as long as they are with you. But do check that the garden is secure before letting them out unattended.

8. Keep valuables and essentials close to hand.

On moving day, make sure that you keep your valuables with you at all times so that they are not misplaced amongst the packing boxes. Also keep the kettle and some tea and coffee supplies out.

9. Take out removals insurance!

For complete piece of mind, make sure you take out insurance to cover you in case the unthinkable should happen - some normal house insurance policies do provide this! If not your removal company can.

10. Lastly.

Enjoy your move to your new home! Whether you are moving to another country or just moving to a bigger/smaller house down the road, moving house can be the start of a new journey in your life....

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