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How to Choose an Estate Agent To Sell Your Property

The first step to choosing an estate agent is to decide on whether you are going to use one or more estate agents to sell your home. While some may ask for sole selling rights, others will be open to you advertising your property through multiple agents.

When researching an estate agent, you will want to consider the services they can provide, costs, marketing plans, and any third-party reviews about the agency.

You may also want to consider choosing an online estate agent over a traditional high street agent to save money.

Search online for estate agents in your area, and compile a list of all the potential estate agents you would feel happy to work with. This list can then be narrowed through further research, which should leave you with a shortlist of no more than three to four estate agents.

Create a shortlist of three or four estate agents that you might consider using. To do this, you should: 1. Ask family and friends for recommendations – Personal recommendations are often one of the best ways to find a good estate agent. 2. Compare agents – Create a list of all the estate agents in your local area and compare how quickly they sell properties, how successful they are and how close they are to achieving the full asking price. 3. Check their window – Look out for any properties that might be similar to yours on the market. If you live in a unique or unusual house, it might be worth getting a national estate agent who specialises in your type of property. 4. Find out which portals they market on – More than 93% of property searches begin online on property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla. Your estate agent will need to advertise on at least one of these. Don’t worry about whether they advertise on their own website, as these will attract less traffic and is not entirely necessary. 5. Look at their pictures – Take a look at their profiles on property portals to see how their photos look. Are they professional? 6. Find out whether they are a member of a professional trade association – This is not vital, but provides validity to their services. Look out for associations such as the National Association for Estate agents and the Guild of Professional Estate Agents. 7. Check membership of an accredited independent ombudsmen service – This is vital, as an ombudsmen will protect you and the estate agent if something goes wrong in the process.

When choosing your estate agents, you should also not feel pressured to use the same estate agent you bought the property from. Enquire about their viewing policies – do they conduct all viewings, or will you be required to conduct the viewings yourself.

You may also want to enquire whether your estate agents are open on weekends. Most estate agents aren’t which could lose out on a lot of custom from people working throughout the week. Quite a few estate agents are open for half a day on Saturday. You should ideally want to create a shortlist of three agents to then provide a valuation for your home.

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