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Taking Better Pictures of Your Home

In most situations, it is recommended to hire a professional photographer to best capture your home. However, you can still take perfectly good photos yourself.

To do this, you will need a tripod and good lighting. You will also need to stage your house and to take photos at dawn if it is possible.

Use a Tripod

You will need a tripod to make sure pictures are level when taken. Your tripod should have a spirit level built into it, which is vital for taking a picture that isn’t wonky. Tripods start at around £10 in price.

Most handheld cameras will have a screw socket at the bottom which attaches easily to your tripod. Play around with the length of the legs and the top of the tripod using the pan handle until your spirit level is centred.

Turn on the Lights

Even when you are taking photos in the daytime, turn all the lights on in your home as this automatically makes you home look warmer. This will make it come across as more appealing when seen on the internet.

It is recommended that you hire or use some simple lighting equipment that will help you illuminate these spaces. Using something like a flash or a reflector but you could even use an everyday light stand that you have around the house.

Stage Your House

‘Staging’ your home will show off how best aspects of your property. place furniture in a different place to make the room like bigger, more spacious or airy.

You could also put lamps on tables and a blanket over the sofa to make it look cosier and maybe some fresh flowers in vases on the kitchen table. Even setting the table for dinner can make the home look more welcoming and lived in.

Take Photos at Dawn

Taking photos at the crack of dawn is often the ideal time to get the best photos of the outside of your home.

The dawn light tends to be the best light of the day and less people are around too which will help you get the best possible photo of the outside of your home.

Take photos when the light looks best both on the outside of your home, your garden and through the windows into your home.

It may be worth going along to a local photography club and asking for some tips and pointers. You never know, they may even offer to do it for you or you may find someone who can edit your photos, and make your house look like a potential buyer’s dream home.

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