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Making An Offer On A House

Get in contact with the seller’s estate agent when you are ready to make an offer on a property. All estate agents are required to pass on offers to the seller by law, no matter how ridiculous the offer might be.

Deciding on the amount you wish to spend on a house depends largely on a number of factors, including:

· The local property market · Interest in the property · Offers already received · Time spent on the market, and; · Your own financial situation

Whether you put in a high offer and risk wasting money, or offer a low price and potentially lose out on your dream home will be based on your own tactics.

There are things you can do to give you the upper hand first, before even making an offer:

· Downplay the amount you are willing to spend – Estate agents will often show homes that are more expensive than your budget will allow. Doing so will also give you the upper hand when it comes to negotiating.

· Play it cool when you find the right property – Finding the perfect property can be extremely exciting, but it is more important than ever to put on your poker face. Don’t dance around declaring your love for the property; doing so will reveal to the seller that you’re willing to pay more.

· Keep an eye on the property market – Pay close attention to similar properties in the area and how well they are selling. You will be in a stronger position to put in a lower offer if the market is moving slowly.

· Agree on a written list of fixtures and fittings – Having a list in writing will reduce the chance of disagreements later down the road.